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Sustainability Management

Sustainability Approach

Considering ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance), United Urban and the Asset Management Company make efforts for improvement in sustainability. Based on our stakeholders' expectations and concerns, and United Urban's impact on the environment and society, United Urban and the Asset Management Company have specified and addressed the high material issues ("material issues") for United Urban. To give a clearer explanation of our approach to our stakeholders, we have set up the "ESG Action Plan and Targets", and have presented the related "material issues."
United Urban supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs*), and continues efforts to contribute to SDGs through challenges to material issues.

* SDGs: SDGs are shared goals of the international community, with the aim of achieving sustainable development socially, economically and environmentally. In 2015 the UN adopted an agenda of 17 goals, with 169 targets to be achieved by 2030. United Urban refers to these from a mid-to long-term perspective on the status of the problem-solving activities, including disclosing the connections between the ESG action plans and targets and the SDG targets.

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Management Structure

The Asset Management Company has established the Sustainability Committee (chaired by the Chief Investment Officer) to promote continuous and systematic ESG initiatives. ESG information is shared throughout the company including its board members at least once a year in pursuit of further improvement. Policies drawn up by the Sustainability Committee are resolved by the Asset Management Company's Board of Directors and then reported to United Urban's Board of Directors.
In addition, the Energy Conservation Promotion Committee and the Energy Conservation Promotion Subcommittee have been established as a management system to streamline the energy use. Also United Urban has been taking various measures to promote efficient use of energy obtaining the advice from external energy experts.

Management Structure of Corporate Governance of United Urban, Please refer to "Corporate Governance" page.

Action Plan for Materiality

United Urban selects issues to be considered in sustainability initiatives, and put into its energy to those thought to be "materiality".
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United Urban has established the "Environmental Policies" and "Sustainability Objectives" for decrease of environmental burden by its properties. In addition, various environmental assessments from third parties have been obtained for reference in formulating the management policies of United Urban.
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United Urban has been implementing various social initiatives in compliance with its stakeholders' expectation and interest and its influence to the society.
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GRI Comparison Chart

The "GRI Standards" is referred to as the guidelines for the sustainability reports on this website.
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※GRI(Global Reporting Initiative):An NGO that promotes understanding to sustainability reports by businesses, governments and other organizations and supports preparation of the reports.

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